Public Health in Crisis

Confined in the Aegean Archipelago

Epidemics and pandemics undermine societies and highlight the vulnerability of relations people have created to the land, other species, and each other. This book presents fragments of disease management in the Mediterranean from the 15th-century onwards and in the Aegean Archipelago in the last two centuries. From religious to medical approaches to the Bubonic Plague, through the creation of lazarettos, to the famine in occupied Syros, to ghost ships drifting on the Mediterranean: citizens are forced to avoid citizens. Public health in crisis: confinement versus mobility, awakening memories of totalitarian regimes.

Dimitra Kondylatou, Nicolas Lakiotakis,
Hulya Ertas, David Bergé

96 pages, 102 x 162 mm, perfect bound
illustrations color and b/w
available december 2020
language English


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