Faktur 03, Fall / Winter 2020

02 Editorial

06 (Black) Church of Schindler: Modernism on Compton Avenue
Maura Lucking

​32 The Raw, The Cooked, and The Overdone:
On What Makes Buildings Salvageable (or not) in North Western Europe.
Lionel Devlieger

54 Infrastructures Within Infrastructures
Cultural Production in London’s Railway Arches.
John Bingham-Hall

70 Seen and Not Seen: Tracing Sand Agency in Singapore.
Galen Pardee

88 Landscape Healing: The Architecture of Rewilding.
Haakon Rasmus Rasmussen and Catarina de Almeida Brito


106 Adrian Lahoud, “Rights of Future Generations, The Inaugural Sharjah Architectural ,”
by Caitlin Blanchfield.

113 Pedro Ignacio Alonso and Hugo Palmarola,
“Flying Panels: How Concrete Panels Changed the World,”
ArkDes 2019-2020
by Martin Tironi.

119 Craig Buckley, “Graphic Assembly:”
Montage, Media, and Exprimental Architecture in the 1960

122 Ross Adams, “Circulation and Urbanization,”
by Ignacio G. Galan.

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