AG6 – House Jumsai

AG6 – House Jumsai

Sumet Jumsai is one of the most popular architects of Thailand. Perhaps less known is his work as a painter and theoretician. His complex and diverse building practice is paradigmatic of fourty years of architecture history in Bangkok and beyond. A number of his buildings is unfortunatley currently endangered. In the course of a research about South-east Asian architecture, Sumet Jumsai became the focus of interest for a series of AG numbers. Two interviews with Sumet Jumsai ensued in 2013 and 2014 in Cambridge and Bangkok respectively, with the documentation of almost all his buildings in Bangkok. AG6 retraces moments of Sumet Jumsai biography, while concentrating on the documentation of the last days of his penthouse on top of the condominium complex he built on the Chalermnit Court near Sukhumvit road.

Editors: Sandra Bartoli / Silvan Linden
Proofreading: Ian Warner
Isometric drawings: Aske Günther Andersen
Printing: solid earth, Berlin

Büro für Konstruktivismus 2015

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