AG 5 – Siam Area / Former British Council / WWA

AG 5 – Siam Area / Former British Council / WWA

AG 5 documents the building of the former British Council in Bangkok, built in 1970 by architect Sumet Jumsai. This issue concentrates on the upper floor of the building, occupied by fashion label WWA, with their cultivated taste for luxurious invisibility, and includes a short interview with the three founders of WWA. A reprinted essay by architect and urban planner Brian McGrath gives a broader picture of the Siam area, whose development accelerated at the time of the construction of the British Council, and is today the city’s major shopping district. McGrath, whose text can also be read as a plea for the renaissance of the water-bound infrastructure of Bangkok, has been living and teaching in Bangkok for more than fifteen years. His text “War, Trade and Desire: Urban Design and the Counter Public Spheres of Bangkok”, available online and published by Footprint, is also highly recommended.

Editors: Sandra Bartoli / Silvan Linden
Proofreading: Ian Warner
Isometric drawings: Aske Günther Andersen
Printing: solid earth, Berlin

Büro für Konstruktivismus 2015

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