[Beyond the Construction Site]

By presenting a constellation of artistic projects about [building] descriptions, writing and publishing, Adrian Duncan will be joining us to talk about some of his recent work. The Irish artist and writer is originally trained as a structural engineer and is coeditor of Paper Visual Art Journal (IRL/DE).

Please take a look of some of his work:

[Bungalow Bliss]
[Description in Art Criticism]

Monday, 11. July, 7 pm



Anne Kockelkorn und Urs Füssler diskutieren über das "Unheimliche in der Architektur" und laden zum mitdiskutieren ein !

Freitag, 08.April 2016, 20 Uhr

Books People Places

Kulmer Str. 20A, 10783 Berlin Schöneberg


[Book Launch] - Sternberg

Join us for the Berlin launch of Eyal Weizman's latest book, [The Roundabout Revolutions] , the sixth volume of the [Critical Spatial Practice] series. Organized by Books People Places, the event will include a presentation by Weizman in conversation with book series editors Nikolaus Hirsch and Markus Miessen.

Thursday, February 4, 2016, 8 p.m.

Merve Crellestraße 22 10827 Berlin


[nomen est omen] | dpr-berlin at books people places

Kulmer Str. 20A, 10783 Berlin

Come and question through books, people, and places the very notions of identity, ownership and labour.

During two weeks, from January 4th to 15th 2016, dpr-barcelona in complicity with books-people-places will carry a curatorial action and moult into dpr-berlin, occupying the shelves of bpp in Schöneberg-Berlin.

Thank you [dpr-berlin] / [dpr-barcelona] for this great cooperation and support of Books People Places while we are travelling to explore and organise new projects with books in Bogotá!




8.-18. January 2015

[AG Drucken Heften Laden / nGbK Berlin / Fulcrum #1-100 Installation] /


September 2015

Books People Places
bookstore and studio

Kulmer Str. 20A
10783 Berlin Schönberg
Öffnungszeiten / Opening Hours:
Mo. - Sa.
12 Uhr bis 19 Uhr


26. October 2015

Informal Book Launch

Books People Places / Berlin Schöneberg

Let's talk about books . . .

["The Art of Inequality: Architecture, Housing, and Real Estate - A Provisional Report"] by The Temple Hoyne Buell Center for the Study of American Architecture Columbia University

with Reinhold Martin, Jacob Moore, Susanne Schindler and Guests


2. Dezember 2015

Books People Places / Schöneberg

Leak Event

["Skeleton of hero World War III carrier pigeon found in the cloud with a secret message still attached to its leg (and now Utah Data Center are trying to crack the code)"]

Vorstellung eines [Tablet-optimierten PDFs, erhältlich auf USB-Stick in original Schweizer Brieftauben-Depechenhülse] sowie als A0-Poster und online.

Die Publikation erscheint im Verlag der Universität der Künste Berlin.


7. December 2015

Books People Places / Schöneberg

Reading Ahmedabad

talk & book launch of:

Architecture Reading Aid - Ahmedabad by [Ruby Press]

Niklas Fanelsa, Marius Helten, Björn Martenson, Leonard Wertgen




[Berlin-Bogotá] / February-March 2014 : In cooperation with Paulo Licona and Laagencia / Supported by Publishers from Berlin: b_books / Merve Verlag / Texte zur Kunst / Sternberg Press / Motto Books / Motto Distribution / Ruby Press and Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König

November 2014

Buchhandlung Mackensen Berlin Schöneberg - [Ruby Press Installation]

11. December 2014

TU Berlin - ["Study, Act - Think! Publishing from within Academia"] - In cooperation with Pro-qm and Books People Places

12. December 2014

Book Presentation: [Real Estates: Life Without Debt] / Edited by [Fulcrum] (Jack Self & Shumi Bose) - In cooperation with Pro-qm and Books People Places

13.-14. December 2014

Friends with Books / Art Book Fair Berlin 2014 / [Fulcrum #1-100 Installation]