yours critically

Editors: Françoise Fromonot, Valéry Didelon, Pierre Chabard

332 pages
16 × 23.5 cm
330 illustrations

Published by Criticat, Paris
May 2016

Criticat is an independent journal of architectural criticism published twice annually. Based in Paris, it was founded in 2007 by a group of architects, historians, and critics on a simple premise: that informed and daring criticism could bring architecture back into everyday public discourse.

Twenty-three exemplary articles have been selected from the journal’s first ten issues, and appear here in English for the first time. Individual investigations — written in direct and engaging language — tackle subjects from around the globe.
Sharp and insightful, the writings in Yours Critically will appeal to anyone curious about how our built environment reflects and informs the forces — social, political, economic, cultural — shaping our world today.

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Type: Magazine
Publisher: Criticat