Wright’s Writings

Wright’s Writings: Reflections on Culture and Politics 1894–1959 traces the discursive work of Frank Lloyd Wright through a set of essays by Kenneth Frampton. Originally written as a series of introductions to the five-volume collection of Wright’s writing published in 1992, the essays are gathered here as a critical survey of the architect’s written and spoken work—a body of text that testifies to Wright’s staggering prolificacy, pleasure in argument, diversity of interests, and desire to engage with timely political debates. Alongside these five essays, Wright’s Writings provides a visual record of Wright’s literary output, demonstrating the range of media he employed in the act of making architecture. Read together, it presents a history of the architect through the essays, books, letters, lectures, and speeches he wrote as well as the material and social cultures he navigated.

Kenneth Frampton

Luke Bulman

144pp, Paperback

6.5 × 9″

Columbia Books on Architecture and the City, 2017

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