The Funambulist 33

Spaces of Labor is an examination of the way the capitalist exploitation of racialized and gendered workers uses space as a means to enforce itself and, in turn, how these same workers appropriate this space in their forms of resistance. Some of the issue’s contributions come from laborers themselve.

Footnote: The #Endsars uprising in Nigeria
Sada Malumfashi

Afro-Mexicans: A perennial struggel for recognition
Elis Mendoza

Introduction to the West Papua’s decolonization agenda
Ronny Kareni

Resistance against colonial domination in the comoros
Dawud Burnaye

Editor’s Note: Space of labor, Leopold Lambert

Choreography of labor and political organizing in the hotel industry
Ibis Batignolles Hotel Workers on strike

Saving the factory, not the workers: The garment industry in Bangladesh
Prii Sen

Whose home is it? The workplace of migrant domestic workers under Kafala
Gemma Justo and Ghiwa Sayegh

Sex working economies of space
Red Schulte (with Marten Katze)

Migrant seasonalworkers in Spain: Between violence, exploitation, and silence
Youssef M. Ouled and Najim M. Ouled

No more death work: We must abolish prison unions
Fathima Cader

The Hospital as place of labor in a settler colonial setting: Palestine-Israel
Osama Tanous


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