On Distance

Boaz Levin

Publisher: Atlas Projectos
Series: Next Spring
128 pages
13cm × 19cm
Format: Paperback
This issue of NEXT SPRING began in the city of Berlin. It evolved out of conversations between Boaz Levin and myself, on days when we both took break from writing to visit exhibitions and talk about politics, spectatorship, how images are read, and the judgments we make based on how things appear. These casual and intimate meetings seem like a world away from today; it has been a very different spring.
Levin’s essay focuses on one film, Havarie (2016) by Merle Kröger and Philip Scheffner, which is likewise based on a single image but with many sounds that bring the dynamics of the Mediterranean Sea closer.
- Laura Preston (ed.)


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Type: Book
Publisher: Atlas Projectos