Neural 63, Summer 2019

Surveillance Surveyed

Co-Editor  Rachel O’Dwyer

Pip Thornton interviewed by Rachel O’Dwyer
Joana Moll interviewed by Rachel O’Dwyer
Mendy and Keith Obadike Interview
Owen Mundy interviewed by Rachel O’Dwyer

Sy5z3n_3 : Ohm Overdub / Media(a)tion for Generative Respiration

Transmediale 2019 by Alessandro Ludovico
“Master / slave” exhibition by Quentin Destiue, Dardex Collective by Zane Cerpina
Leonardo’s 50th Anniversary Event Series by Zane Cerpina

Surveying Surveillance Capitalism by Rachel O’Dwyer

Decode: Data Cooperatives by Rachel O’Dwyer

Our voices granted to machines. by Alessandro Ludovico

Books Reviews

Sound Reviews by Aurelio Cianciotta




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