Fugitive Belonging

In an environment of ever-accelerating political tectonic shifts, FUGITIVE BELONGING takes two politicizing events as its starting points: the “Summer of Snowden” (2013) and the “Summer of Migration” (2015). The two events have thus far been received and discussed as separate phenomena despite many quite obvious links (e.g., Snowden as a refugee). This book now explores the hidden links between them as embedded in the crisis of the state and the crisis of citizenship.

In attempting to come to a deeper understanding of what the two historical events reveal about our predicament, FUGITIVE BELONGING shifts our attention to the following questions: What does it mean to be political today? And what does it mean to belong?

By interlacing photography and writing, Krystian Woznicki explores how we can expand our horizon beyond memes such as “the refugee crisis” or “the surveillance state”. As an experiment on re-defining citizenship his book discloses what we all have in common: something that emerges when the dichotomy between the excluded and the included is contested, and when the conflicts that usually result from that dichotomy are rendered productive.

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