Markus Jeschaunig - Urban Oasis

Elisabeth Fiedler, Institut für Kunst im öffentlichen Raum Steiermark

Text by
Christian Berg, Katrin Bucher-Trantow, Elisabeth Fiedler, Wolfgang Kessling, Marcello Di Paola, Laurids Ortner, Tatjana Schneider, Sebastian Sautter, Franz Stieber

Design by
Anja Jeschaunig, Margit Steidl, Katharina Schwarz, Graz

The Urban Oasis project provides the framework for a discourse on artistic research. The new publication examines artistic-scientific strategies and their potential to mediate between society and the production of knowledge. The artist comprehends his work as agency, and artworks as living organisms with a social dimension. Authors from various disciplines deal with questions regarding the hybrid relationship between the technological and the natural as well as the aesthetic dimension of ecology.

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Publisher: Kerber