Cabinet 67


Ingestion / A Manhattan Project
Daniel Rosenberg
The libationary permutations of Hans Peter Luhn’s Cocktail Oracle

Leftovers / Gazehounds, Greyhounds, and Bloodhounds
Brad Bolman
Canine blood-banking and the question of animal welfare

Sentences / All Kinds of Obscure Tensions
Brian Dillon
Samuel Beckett amid the ruins



This Land is Your Land
Indiana Seresin
Native minstrelsy and the American summer camp movement

Barthes the Smark
Luke Healey
The worlds of wrestling

Revolutionary Absence
Ara H. Merjian
Giorgio de Chirico and the early Situationist International

Beige Stage
Sasha Archibald
How Technicolor invented the Hollywood palette

Nature Versus Denture
Iman Ansari
The transthetic mouth



On Dream Sharing and Its Purpose
Matthew Spellberg
The social contract of sensuous imagining

Oneirocritica Afro-Americana
Christopher W. Vandegrift
Dreaming of lucky numbers

A Brief Geography of the House
Catherine Hansen
The architecture of dream-space

Wittgenstein’s Dream, 13 January 1922
Matthew Spellberg
Fear and trembling

The Dream Stela at Giza
Tom Hare
The sphinx and the prince

Dream Monitoring
Martin K. Dimitrov
Surveilling the sleepers

Sycorax’s Other Son
Yanie Fécu
The oneiric origins of Kamau Brathwaite’s “video style”

Divine Whispers
Annika Schmeding
Dreaming on the Sufi path in Afghanistan

Glossary of Dream Architecture
Natalie Fizer and Richard Sommer
Genus for a new circadia

Other People’s Dreams
Gabriel Coxhead
Keep it to yourself



Postcard / Extraordinary and Unique Dream, No. 483

Bookmark / No Respite Even When Asleep

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