Bruther, 2G76

BRUTHER. 2G No. 76. International Architecture Magazine. Ed. by Moisés Puente. Introd. by Philip Ursprung, Javier Agustín Rojas & Jan De Vylder. Texts by Bruther. London 2017. 23 x 30 cm. 160 S. mit 130 farb., teils ganzseit. Abb. sowie einigen Plänen, broschiert - Text in engl. Sprache.

Bruther is a French architectural studio based in Paris. They are part of a generation of European architects who started their practice within this rugged landscape. Stéphanie Bru and Alexandre Theriot opened their office in 2007, at the very beginning of what capitalists call a “crisis” and Marxists might define as new round of “primitive accumulation and dispossession.” Having grown up and trained during the heyday of the French welfare state and inspired by the optimism of the early European Union, Bru and Theriot are well aware of the pressure that the political shift to the right, social inequality, and insecurity about the future of Europe are exerting on public institutions.

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