And Warren Niesłuchowski Was There: Guest, Host, Ghost

Softcover, 272 pp., 5.7 x 7.87 inches
Cabinet Books and
the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, 2020

Managing editor: Joanna Szulc
Graphic design: Józefina Chętko

This book focuses on Niesłuchowski’s homeless years, and feature his email correspondence with close friends, many of whom are remarkable artists and intellectuals in their own right; a number of artworks made about, or in partnership with, Niesłuchowski; and documentation of his travels. The emails are full of erudition, congeniality, and translinguistic twists, but are also marked by the emotional burden of being perpetually on the road. They bear witness to his role as a generous companion to others and to the inheritance of someone who was an ontological nomad by birth and by choice, permanently looking for what he called “an adoption by an imaginary family.


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Type: Book
Publisher: Cabinet