Spaziergang 05

Wednesday, 18. Mai 2022, 16:00 – 18:00
16:00 Walk / Meeting point: WERKSTATT Haus der Statistik, Karl-Marx-Allee 1, 10178 Berlin
18:00 Video presentation of the sound walk and talk at SATELLIT, Weinstraße 11, 12049
The proposal for this soundwalk is divided in two: in the first part we will walk and listen
together from Haus der Statistics to Satellit. In the second part we will recollect on that
experience to rethink the sound of our city. How could we talk about listening without
superimposing the sound of our voice to the sound of the landscape?
Peter Schmidt (Books People Places) will join the walk with a special book selection.
Julián Galay is a composer, sound artist and filmmaker who works with sound, moving image
and language through installation, performance and experimental film. He often explores,
from the materiality of sound, the unconscious of architectural spaces and territory.
Die Veranstaltungen findet unter Einhaltung der aktuellen Hygieneregelungen statt.