"Global Protests Through Art", by Işıl Eğrikavuk

„Global Protest Through Art - collaboration, co-creation, interconnectedness“ by @isilegri just arrived fresh from the printer #spreedruck and it is a great pleasure to celebrate this new book - thanks for the enthusiasm and confidence to push this publishing collaboration @isilegri and @udkberlin . The book will be available very soon in well selected bookshops in Berlin and of course worldwide in your favorite local bookshops - we publish a stockist list soon in a newsletter by Books People Places, on our webpage and here on Instagram as well - plus go ahead and buy the book in our webshop!

Here the basic info:

Softcover, 13 x 19 cm, 108 p.
with over 10 photographs
in English by Işıl Eğrikavuk
Books People Places and Universität der Künste Berlin
ISBN 978-3-949944-03-1 (Distribution)
15 EUR

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