forA Issue #0

for A Issue #0 consists of a box, publication, bookmark, poster and puzzle. The 440 pages publication is roughly the size of a large smartphone with essays and contributions
ordered by time it takes to read, shortest to longest. forA Issue #0 is contained inside a cardboard box that serves as a shipping container. The forA logotype is a formation of 214 dots that can be scaled according to the method of printing or presentation.

Edited by

Gerald Bast, Rector,
University of Applied Arts Vienna
Andrea Börner,
Urban Strategies Department, I oA
Cristina Díaz Moreno,
Architectural Design Studio 1, I oA
Efrén García Grinda,
Architectural Design Studio 1, I oA
Baerbel Mueller,
Applied Foreign Affairs Lab, I oA

Print: 2021, English
Graphic Design: Studio Lin

14 EUR